Good news: you’ve won the lottery! Now how do you find a lawyer who knows how to claim lottery winnings anonymously?

By: Peter R. Certo, Jr. Attorney at Law

If you win the Ohio Lottery and want to claim it anonymously, you really need to contact an attorney who has done this before. An attorney who:

  • Knows how to comply with Ohio Lottery rules,
  • Knows the "passive trust" documents used process the claim,
  • Has dealt with the IRS in establishing these trusts,
  • Has personally met with the banks to set up the necessary accounts,
  • Has met with the lottery officials in Cleveland multiple times.

This is not the type of transaction you want an attorney to "look into" how it is done. There is too much money involved to risk mistakes.

I have represented a number of clients who have won the Ohio Lottery and wished to remain anonymous. I was surprised to find out that several clients had previously hired other attorneys only to find out the lawyer did not know about "passive trusts," had not actually handled lottery claims before, and then dropped the ball.

After things fell apart the winners contacted me. Fortunately, since I have done this a number of times before, I got it settled for them efficiently.

Regardless of where you live in Ohio, I can help you. I have had clients from Cincinnati to Akron. Most of the work can be handled by phone and email. Eventually an "in person" meeting is necessary, but if you can't come to me in Dayton, I will come to you.

If you live outside of Ohio and won the Ohio lottery, we can discuss the best way to handle this.

Good luck playing the Ohio Lottery!