Collections Law

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At Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A., our collection law attorneys assist clients in pursuing receivables in a cost effective manner. We represent small, medium and large businesses, condominium associations, landlords, individuals and collection agencies in both commercial and retail collection. All collection files are reviewed and fully investigated by means of demand letters, computer assisted research, attempts at telephone contact and skip tracing before we recommend that a lawsuit be filed.

Please contact our collections attorney regarding any of the following collections matters:

* Collections
* Creditors' rights
* Debt settlements
* Collections litigation
* Fair Debt Collection Practices

Due to our extensive experience in collections and creditors' rights, we have developed a unique and efficient means of collecting debt in a cost effective manner for the creditor.

If necessary, we litigate collection cases in state or federal court in an aggressive and professional manner to maximize the collected amount in settlements or to win a judgment. We will represent clients in every phase of the collection process, including prejudgment remedies, obtaining judgments and in post judgment executions of process to satisfy the judgment.

We accept referrals from collection agencies and support their role in the collection process. We also have experience in defending claims brought under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and under Ohio consumer statutes.

To schedule an initial consultation or case evaluation with one of our lawyers, please contact Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A.