Criminal Defense

Defense Attorneys practicing in this area:

At Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A., our criminal defense attorneys will aggressively defend you. We strategically pursue every avenue of defense available for our clients. Whether you were charged with a DUI or a more serious crime, such as sex offense, we will work hard to give you the best possible defense available for your situation.

You need a strong defense to represent you with your criminal charge. Our attorneys have the skill and strategy to present the best possible defense in your case.

In criminal cases, your goal is to defeat the evidence presented against you by the prosecution. Law enforcement officials will be collecting evidence against you from the moment you are arrested. It is crucial that you have a lawyer to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected and that you begin formulating your defense immediately.

Please contact us if you need criminal defense attorney for any of the following charges:

* DUI, DWI, OVI violations: license suspensions, administrative hearings
* Domestic violence
* Disorderly conduct
* Parole violations
* Sex offenses: sentence or sexual offense classifications
* Theft
* Robbery
* Drug crimes
* Assault and battery
* Juvenile crimes
* Traffic
* Expungements or sealing of records
* Appeals

Building your defense should begin as soon as possible. You need the best investigation and evidence on your behalf to successfully defeat a criminal charge.Contact a criminal defense attorney today to initiate your best defense.

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in defending the constitutional rights of those accused, arrested, charged with or indicted of any criminal offense in federal (District), state (Common Pleas) or local (Municipal) courts; not only in Dayton and Montgomery County, but in most surrounding counties.

To schedule an initial consultation or case evaluation with one of our criminal defense attorneys, please contact Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A.