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At Altick & Corwin, we take a truly personalized approach to handling our clients' estate planning needs. We recognize that every individual who seeks our services is in a unique financial situation and has unique goals and concerns. We believe that by listening to our clients, we can use our superior understanding of estate planning law to provide them with the tools to achieve their most important objectives.

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A comprehensive estate plan begins with identifying your assets and how you would like them to be distributed following your death. A will is an essential tool that will allow you to indicate your wishes to your family. This essential document can provide substantial relief to a family by eliminating the need to worry about who will receive a deceased loved one's property.

If you have a larger estate or more complex planning goals, we will advise you regarding the types of trusts that can be established to meet your specific needs. We can execute both revocable and irrevocable trusts based on those needs. We will also discuss how trusts can be used to provide for children, grandchildren or other loved ones during your lifetime and to advance your charitable or philanthropic goals.

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We believe that estate planning should be a positive, affirming process for individuals who have worked hard to achieve success during their lifetimes. If you have questions about your estate plan, contact our Dayton wills attorneys. Send an email or call 937-608-9460, toll free 888-542-3148.