Immigration Law

Attorneys practicing Immigration Law:

Immigration matters can be intimidating and can affect your family, your job and your security. Our attorneys are sensitive to the needs of our employment visa and immigration clients. At Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A., we understand the need to resolve immigration matters in a timely matter.

If you are facing an immigration legal matter or need assistance with immigration benefits, you need an experienced attorney to ensure proper and efficient filing.

The immigration laws of the United States are complex, confusing, frequently harsh and sometimes unfair. Due to the complexity of the U.S. immigration laws and their enforcement, it is important to consult with an immigration lawyer when you apply for immigration benefits. You should make a special point of consulting with an immigration lawyer when you are in danger of removal, deportation, refusal of admission or exclusion.

Please contact us for assistance with any of the following employment visa or immigration matters:

* Employment visa
* Religious worker visas
* Immigration law
* Family immigration
* Business immigration
* "Green cards"
* Employment visas
* Nonimmigrant visa applications
* Consular processing
* H-1B visas
* Work cards
* Naturalization/ Citizenship
* Fiancée visas
* Deportation/ removal proceedings
* Asylum

Our attorneys are dedicated to resolving immigration legal issues in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Employment visas

We offer help with both immigrant and non-immigrant cases involving family and employment-based "green cards", including labor certification, outstanding professor or researcher, multinational executive or manager, extraordinary ability, national interest waiver, nurse, and special immigrant religious worker cases, as well as work authorization applications (for a work card or EAD) and temporary work statuses such as H-1B Specialty Occupation Workers, L-1 Intra-company Transfers, North American Free Trade Agreement (TN) workers and Religious Workers (R-1 ministers and other workers).

Family Law

We work with you to get your spouses, children, parents and siblings admitted to the United States or adjusted to "green card" status as quickly as possible. Our help includes work authorization and travel authorization.


We help you plan for becoming U.S. citizens and help you in attaining that goal. We also help you determine if you are already a citizen and obtain proof of citizenship.

To schedule an initial consultation or case evaluation with one of our immigration and employment visa attorneys, please contact Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A.