Public Service

Altick and Corwin Co., LPA is pleased to announce that we have now in full operation a Community Legal Resource Program.

Altick and Corwin is one of the most established and oldest law firms in the Miami Valley Area providing exceptional service and sound legal advice since 1853.

In these days when the legislatures enact hundreds of new laws each year and many courts interpret each of those new laws in different ways, the citizens cannot help but be confused and overwhelmed. In keeping with our role as a long-term community leader, we feel we should make more legal information available to as many citizens as possible.

Altick and Corwin will make available to your organization one of our attorneys to speak on a topic of your interest or choosing. This service is completely free of charge. We only ask that you let us know of your need for a speaker at least two weeks in advance for proper scheduling and preparation. We would expect the presentation to be approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Attorneys will be available for the following areas of law or for a more specific topic within these areas:

Wills and Elder Law
Probate and Estates
Real Estate
Estate Planning
Personal Injury Law
Criminal and Traffic Law
Domestic Relations
Immigration Law
Business Law