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What happens to electronic records during a divorce?

When a couple agrees to get married, divorce is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately, not all marriages last forever. A divorce can be an emotional situation for everyone involved. In these times, electronic communications are often scrutinized during the divorce process.

Almost everyone has some sort of online presence. Facebook, twitter, email, etc. are all electronic records that can show up in divorce proceedings. To minimize the effect of what can happen to online postings, there are certain things a person should do if a divorce appears to be in the near future. First, a person should restrict their online activity. This can include deactivating a Facebook account, posting less about their personal lives, and not sharing anything about a new relationship or spending money frivolously.

Military divorce can be tricky

Members of the military in Ohio who are considering a divorce should understand there are certain issues that are unique families who belong to the military. Military divorces often involve additional complex issues that can affect the future financial well-being of both spouses.

Military divorces have two issues in particular that can be complicated: how military pensions will be divided and how child custody will be arranged. Military couples can sometimes have young children, and many times one spouse may not work because of the frequent moves. In such cases, the service member will often be required to provide spousal support after a divorce. In addition, the service member will not receive primary custody or have regular visitation set up because of the frequent deployments. In these cases, spouses may want to seek more child support than is customary.

Thirteen workers arrested in immigration raid

There are many immigrants in Ohio that work in every industry. Immigrants often come to the U.S. in order to seek a better life for their family and to flee persecution in their home country. The U.S. government isn't always kind to immigrants and their situation and immigration raids are on the increase.

An immigration raid on a Northeast Ohio meat packing company resulted in the arrest of thirteen workers. The workers were indicted on charges that they used false identification cards in order to obtain employment. Most of the immigrants were from Guatemala with two being from Mexico. More than 80 workers were held for immigration proceedings during the raid and there may be additional charges.

What injuries can occur in a car accident?

Almost every Dayton area driver will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at least once in their driving career. Most of these accidents are minor fender benders, but, occasionally, serious motor vehicle accidents can occur. These wrecks can involve injuries, some of which are major.

There are many different types of injuries a person can suffer in a car accident. A head injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. Head injuries can lead to traumatic brain injuries that can affect a person for the rest of their lives. Often, long-term care and extensive medical treatment is required.

3 things you can learn from celebrity divorces

Almost every other day you see headlines about how another married celebrity couple is calling it quits. As entertaining as some famous divorces may seem, there are a few things you can learn from them. Regardless of whether you are happily in love with your partner now, contemplating marriage or getting ready to celebrate an anniversary, a Dayton divorce is a reality you should anticipate and plan for.

Love may be what has brought you and your lover together, but it is going to take a lot more than that to keep a marriage going strong. One way to strengthen your relationship and protect your financial interests in divorce is to take heed of the following three suggestions.

Steps to take after a car accident

Dayton residents are usually safe and courteous drivers. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, especially these days when cell phones are becoming major distractions. If a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are steps they should be taking following the accident.

After a car accident occurs, there may be serious injuries. The most important thing to do is stay at the scene. If a driver leaves the scene, they could face hit-and-run charges. Next, a victim should check on everyone involved in the crash. If there are injuries, it is important to call for medical help immediately.

Differences between legal separation and divorce

When an Ohio couple makes the decision to no longer stay married, there are a few options they can pursue. Sometimes, a couple will choose to separate, while other times, they may want to legally divorce. There are differences in these legal statuses that a couple should understand.

A divorce is the legal way to end a marriage, while a legal separation is a court order that allows the couple to stay married but live apart. There can be advantages to remaining legally separated. These can include the ability to retain health care benefits, make medical decisions for a spouse, retain property rights if the other spouse dies, and be able to reunite if they are able to work things out. If a couple chooses to legally separate, alimony and child support can be negotiated, child custody and visitation can be arranged, and property division may be addressed as well. During the period when the couple is living separately, property and debt acquired will be handled differently.

What divorce can do

There are many marriages in the Dayton area that are on the rocks. Despite the effort to try and stay together, sometimes divorce is the only option. There are certain things that can happen because of a divorce and these realities should be understood by those who are thinking about a divorce.

Property division is a part of divorce. A couple's property is divided between the two parties in the most economical way possible. Items that are acquired during the marriage are split, while those acquired through an inheritance or before the marriage will stay with the individual who received them. Support obligations are also worked out during a divorce. Whether it be spousal support or child support, they can be complicated arrangements.

What to know about marital separation

Even under the best circumstances, not all Dayton marriages survive. Many couples are thrown into limbo about whether their marriage will end in divorce or not. Many times, couples choose to separate for a certain time to see how their marriage will turn out. But, if a couple is planning on separating for more than a few months, there are certain things they may need to do.

A couple who is considering a separation may want to understand how their marital finances work. Many times, one of the spouses is in charge of the finances, while the other doesn't have any idea what their finances entail. A person should also get a credit card in their own name. A person needs to make sure they have established credit in case their marriage ends in divorce. Additionally, all joint credit cards should be closed to prevent one spouse from putting the other into a devastating situation.

Shared parenting—raising your children after the divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, a major concern will be the raising of your children in a post-divorce world.

In the state of Ohio, the courts prefer to see shared parenting plans in which both parents participate fully in the important responsibility of raising and caring for their children.

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