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Troy woman accused of driving drunk with child in car

Dayton area residents who have been arrested for drunk driving understand how scary a situation this can be. When a person is facing an OVI charge they should understand that a conviction can bring serious penalties. Just a simple mistake can lead to years of consequences.

A woman from Troy has been arrested for allegedly driving impaired with a 3-year-old child in her car. The woman was driving eastbound on I-70 in an allegedly erratic fashion. The state patrol received a call about a reckless driver and were able to locate her after observing her driving off the side of the road and hitting a bridge wall. The woman told the officer that she was upset because she was on the way to take her child to the children's hospital for surgery and earlier that day someone had gone through her car and stolen items.

Ohio Lottery and Mega Millions claims - anonymously

A passive trust is type of trust which has a very limited purpose. It is not "active" in that it usually has only one purpose, to essentially act as an escrow agent, and is very short lived.

This process works for Mega Million winners as well but only if the ticket is purchased in Ohio. This is a great benefit because most other states do not let you claim Mega Millions on an anonymous basis.

If you have won and need more information please give me a call and I can answer your questions.

Military pensions in an Ohio divorce

When a Dayton couple is married, they expect they will live happily ever after. Many times, this is the case, but unfortunately some marriages do end in divorce. The divorce process can be complicated, especially for families with children, houses and other assets. When one of the spouses is a member of the military, the military pension can also be an issue in a military divorce.

The military pension is often one of the most valuable assets a military family has. The dividing of a military pension is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Military pensions are treated as marital property and the courts can award any portion of the pension to the spouse. The length of time that a couple has been married does not matter in the division of the pension. Even if a couple was married less than a year, the service member's spouse may receive part of the pension. For the Department of Defense to make direct payments to the service member's spouse, however, the couple would have to been married for a minimum of 10 years, and 10 years of their marriage must overlap with 10 years of service that is creditable to the service member's retirement pay.

Speeding is a common violation with far-reaching effects

Select drivers never exceed the speed limit. Some speed occasionally, and others ignore the speed limit on a regular basis. In the state of Ohio, speeding is a common traffic violation, one that can result in onerous, far-reaching consequences that you may not have considered.

A little background

When are Ohioans entitled to spousal support?

When a Dayton area couple gets married, they expect their marriage will be happy and last forever. Many times, this is the case. No one can anticipate that their marriage will end in divorce and it is an emotionally traumatic time for a couple. There are many things that need to be figured out during a divorce settlement. One thing a person may wonder if they will be entitled to spousal support.

Spousal support is often something that is discussed in divorce proceedings. There are many circumstances in which spousal support will be awarded but it is not automatic. Usually spousal support is awarded when a spouse is not able to meet their own needs unless they receive financial help from their former spouse. Many times, spousal support is temporary. It can be awarded to a spouse so that he or she can go back to school, look for a new job or raise the children. Spousal support may also be permanent if a spouse is disabled or may be too old to support themselves. The court will consider how long a couple has been married and the employment status for each spouse along with health conditions and skill sets and whether one spouse put their career on hold to support their spouse and his career or raise the children.


A will contest is usually a legal challenge of a decedent's last will and testament by an heir of the decedent who is not happy with the will which has been filed with the probate court. Most likely because the heir has been left out of the will or received a lesser portion of the estate than the other heirs.

A will prepared by an attorney and properly executed and witnessed is very difficult to challenge. Most attorneys are very aware of family concerns and go out of their way to make sure all the legal bases are covered. The most vulnerable are self-prepared wills as these have more legal flaws.

Ohio highway patrol urges teens to be safe during prom season

Prom season is upon us in the Dayton area. Thousands of teenagers are getting ready for the big dance by making last minute adjustments to their dress, securing their flower order and getting the car washed. However, teens are notorious for making bad decisions, including the decision to drive after drinking alcohol. A teenager who is pulled over for an OVI may face serious penalties.

When teenagers get together with their friends, they often encounter peer pressure. Although most teens know that it is not a good idea to drive after they have been drinking, many don't understand the consequences they could face. Prom and graduation season are celebratory times for many teens, and alcohol may be present at these gatherings. Teens often want to do what their friends are doing and drinking a few beers or wine coolers can seem harmless. But Ohio law enforcement will be out looking for drivers who are intoxicated, and teens can be easy targets.

Religious worker immigration

There are many people who come to the Dayton area each year for religious reasons. Some of these people are religious workers. These religious workers are here to be ministers or to be in another type of religious vocation. In order for them to stay and work in the U.S. they need to obtain a visa.

Nonimmigrants who come to the U.S. temporarily as a religious worker can apply for an R-1 visa. To be eligible for this visa, the foreign national needs to be employed at least 20 hours each week by a nonprofit religious organization, a religious organization that is authorized to use a group tax exemption, or a nonprofit religious organization that is affiliated with a religious denomination. This visa is given to religious workers who have dedicated their lives to their religion and does not apply to those who are secular members of the religion. Spouses and family members who are under the age of 21 may be eligible for an R-2 visa. The initial amount of time a person can stay under an R-1 visa is 30 months. An extension may be granted for an additional 30 months. The religious worker cannot stay in the U.S. under an R-1 visa for more than 60 months.

Large percentage of fatal crashes in Ohio due to drunk drivers

Unfortunately, many Dayton area residents have been involved in an impaired driving accident. Drivers who have been arrested for impaired driving know they have made a mistake. Those who have been arrested need to understand what legal ramifications they may be facing.

Many people in Ohio have been arrested for drunk driving. Nearly one million Ohio residents have had their license suspended because of drunk driving. In addition to a license suspension, those who are convicted of drunk driving can face thousands of dollars in fines along with the potential of jail time.

Ways military divorce differs from other divorces

Numerous factors can lead to divorce. Military deployment can result in a huge strain on a marriage, and not all couples last through it. It is for this reason that many military divorces occur in Ohio every year. 

Divorces always have profound impacts on all parties involved. However, military divorces come with their own unique set of challenges. It is vital for all parties involved to be ready for these challenges, so they can take the necessary legal action to figure them out. 

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