You probably depend on your car or truck in more ways than one, and cannot imagine life without it. You may drive a commercial vehicle for a living, for example, or you may be a college student or businessperson who commutes daily.

Undoubtedly you have plans for the coming years. However, if you receive a conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence in the state of Ohio, you could be putting your future in jeopardy.

Employment issues

If you drive for a living and your employment requires a clean driving record, you could lose your job over an OVI conviction. Finding another job may also be a problem. Many employers today conduct routine background checks on their applicants. An OVI on your record may cause a red flag to appear in the mind of the recruiter, who may wonder whether the employer can trust you. Depending on the rules of the company in question, the hiring manager may pass over you in favor of a candidate who has the clean record you used to have.

Educational consequences

If you are a young person looking forward to college, you may find the application process more difficult than you imagined. Colleges do background checks, too. If you have an OVI conviction on your record, some institutions will admit you, but others will not. In addition, you may not be able to pursue certain occupations that require state licensing or certification. For example, medical, educational and legal licensing boards may not approve your application.

Protection for your future

You may not have thought that driving after having enjoyed a couple of alcoholic drinks would present such a huge problem, but now you are facing the consequences of a DWI arrest. You have rights, and you must protect them to keep a simple error in judgment from adversely affecting your future and the goals you have in life.