How common are motorcycle accidents in Ohio? Unfortunately for the state’s motorcyclists, the state sees thousands of such crashes each year.

Reportedly, since 2013, Ohio has averaged around 2,800 motorcycle accidents resulting in injuries a year. The injuries coming out of such accidents can be very serious.

Sadly, motorcycle crashes in the state sometimes prove fatal. For example, 159 motorcyclists lost their lives out on Ohio roads last year.

Many different things can lead to motorcycle accidents. According to a recent article, a major contributor to such crashes is distracted driving by automobile drivers. When drivers are distracted by things like their cellphones, they are less attentive to what is happening out on the roads. This could lead to them failing to spot motorcyclists or engaging in behaviors that could greatly endanger motorcyclists.

What can motorcyclists do in response to the threat posed by distracted drivers? Well, when out on the roads, motorcyclists may want to keep a close eye on the cars around them for signs that drivers might not be paying attention. Engaging in defensive driving can also prove helpful.

When motorcyclists end up suffering harm due to a distracted driver, they may be able to take legal steps to pursue compensation to help them cope with the impacts of the harm done to them. Understanding what particular options are available can be critical. This is among the reasons why motorcyclists who are victims of distracted driving accidents here in the Dayton area may want to promptly speak with a skilled attorney.