Everyone knows that many teenagers in the Dayton area do not make the best choices. Teenagers are not fully developed mentally and are still learning right from wrong. Driving after drinking is not a good idea and can cause serious accidents. But, those who are arrested for drunk driving can face serious consequences, including teenage drivers.

Drivers who are under the age of 21 in Ohio face serious consequences if they are arrested for drunk driving. While drivers over the age of 21 face an OVI charge if their blood alcohol levels are over .08, underage drivers face an OVI charge if their BAC levels are .02. This can be the equivalent of just one beer. Teenage drivers who are convicted of drinking and driving can face serious penalties. These include fines, jail time, drug and alcohol treatment, license suspension and the installation of an ignition interlock device. They may also face underage consumption charges.

Besides the criminal penalties a teenager may face, their future may also be affected. They will probably have to disclose the OVI conviction on their college applications, which may affect their acceptance. It can also prevent employers from hiring them because of their criminal record.

Teenagers who are facing an OVI charge in Ohio may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in OVI defense. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding the arrest and aggressively defend their client against these serious charges. An attorney understands these charges can affect a teenager for many years to come and will work to make sure their interests are protected.