When an Ohio couple makes the decision to no longer stay married, there are a few options they can pursue. Sometimes, a couple will choose to separate, while other times, they may want to legally divorce. There are differences in these legal statuses that a couple should understand.

A divorce is the legal way to end a marriage, while a legal separation is a court order that allows the couple to stay married but live apart. There can be advantages to remaining legally separated. These can include the ability to retain health care benefits, make medical decisions for a spouse, retain property rights if the other spouse dies, and be able to reunite if they are able to work things out. If a couple chooses to legally separate, alimony and child support can be negotiated, child custody and visitation can be arranged, and property division may be addressed as well. During the period when the couple is living separately, property and debt acquired will be handled differently.

A couple that is considering ending their marriage, either through divorce or separation, may want to speak with a legal professional that is skilled in divorce. An attorney can work with their client to see what the best option for their unique situation may be and then work through the complications that can arise. An attorney will keep their client’s best interest in the forefront and make sure their needs are met both now and into the future.

A Dayton couple that is considering divorce or dissolution should contact a lawyer to discuss their situation. These are personal decisions that have pros and cons for each.