There are many marriages in the Dayton area that are on the rocks. Despite the effort to try and stay together, sometimes divorce is the only option. There are certain things that can happen because of a divorce and these realities should be understood by those who are thinking about a divorce.

Property division is a part of divorce. A couple’s property is divided between the two parties in the most economical way possible. Items that are acquired during the marriage are split, while those acquired through an inheritance or before the marriage will stay with the individual who received them. Support obligations are also worked out during a divorce. Whether it be spousal support or child support, they can be complicated arrangements.

Child support usually depends on custody arrangements, while spousal support depends on a couple’s financial circumstances. Finally, a divorce can work out child custody and visitation agreements. Usually, the court works to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Each child custody and visitation case is unique, with negotiation and compromise being important.

A divorce is an emotional situation for everyone involved. A legal professional who is skilled in divorce and dissolution can help their client navigate through the complicated steps involved. They can advocate for their client’s needs and make sure they emerge from the divorce ready to start a new beginning. An attorney can answer all their client’s questions and make sure they are not taken advantage of.

There are things that will happen in a divorce settlement, including property division and support obligations. Knowing what happens during a divorce can help a person feel more at ease with the process.