Almost every other day you see headlines about how another married celebrity couple is calling it quits. As entertaining as some famous divorces may seem, there are a few things you can learn from them. Regardless of whether you are happily in love with your partner now, contemplating marriage or getting ready to celebrate an anniversary, a Dayton divorce is a reality you should anticipate and plan for.

Love may be what has brought you and your lover together, but it is going to take a lot more than that to keep a marriage going strong. One way to strengthen your relationship and protect your financial interests in divorce is to take heed of the following three suggestions.

1. Do not rush

Whirlwind romances may seem fun and exciting and, in some cases, genuinely possible. However, most overnight relationships do not last long. Many divorces occur because of incompatibility issues, many of which can be avoided if couples take time to vet their romantic partners for long-term suitability.

2. Get a prenup

You may not have millions to protect from a potentially greedy partner, but you do have assets, accounts and personal items that could end up as marital property in a divorce. Do not wait until separation is in the picture before you try to keep your spouse from sharing what is yours. Get a prenup and use it to protect everything you hold dear that you do not want to become a spoil of war. By hashing out potential issues that may come up during a divorce in a prenuptial agreement, you can avoid them if it becomes a reality.

3. Keep a proper accounting of finances

Many couples move in together so they can share household duties and financial obligations. While this may seem like the right and convenient thing to do, it could backfire if it is not done carefully. Keep track of all income that comes in and how it is spent. Document all accounts and assets, and update records often so that you have an adequate idea of where you stand financially in the event of divorce.