Members of the military in Ohio who are considering a divorce should understand there are certain issues that are unique families who belong to the military. Military divorces often involve additional complex issues that can affect the future financial well-being of both spouses.

Military divorces have two issues in particular that can be complicated: how military pensions will be divided and how child custody will be arranged. Military couples can sometimes have young children, and many times one spouse may not work because of the frequent moves. In such cases, the service member will often be required to provide spousal support after a divorce. In addition, the service member will not receive primary custody or have regular visitation set up because of the frequent deployments. In these cases, spouses may want to seek more child support than is customary.

Service members with 20 years of service are compensated with a retirement pension for the rest of their lives. Military pensions are treated as marital property and can be divided in a divorce. Spouses are entitled to the pension if they have been married at least 10 years but the amount the spouse will receive is negotiable.

An attorney who specializes in military divorce understands the complex issues and can ensure their client understands how the divorce process works. A divorce is often one of the worst times of a person’s life. With the additional complications of military pension and child support and custody, having an attorney who specializes in military divorces can be helpful.