When Dayton area residents get married, they expect their marriage to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and a divorce becomes inevitable. A divorce is an emotional and confusing time and it can also be expensive. Collaborative divorce may be a good option for couples who wish to avoid going to court and are, at some level, willing to work together towards an outcome that will satisfy both parties.

A collaborative divorce uses mediation and negotiation strategies to settle a divorce instead of spending time and money on litigation. There are many benefits to using collaborative divorce. These include saving money and time and working through issues in an informal setting. Other benefits include talking through issues through an open and honest conversation and negotiating results that work for everyone.

The collaborative divorce process involves both spouses hiring their own attorneys and letting their attorney know what they want. A person’s attorney needs to know what their client’s limits are and if they would be open to negotiations. Following individual meetings, the spouses and their attorneys will meet to work out all of the issues. If there are still complications that can’t be sorted out, a professional mediator may be brought in. Once all issues have been worked through, the divorce papers will be filed in court.

Collaborative divorce is a good way for many couples to go through the divorce process. An attorney who specializes in divorce can help their client make sure they emerge from the divorce ready to start their new life.