Dayton area residents going through a divorce understand how stressful and traumatic this time of their lives can be. Working through the details of a divorce can take a lot of time and can be difficult. Although assets and child custody are the main sticking points of a divorce, pets can also play a part.

Most families own a dog or cat. Animals are an important part of a family and, during a divorce, they can be a source of contention. So, who gets custody of the pets after a divorce? Historically, pets were treated as property, but more and more courts are viewing pets as animals that have feelings about where they should go after a divorce. More couples are using mediation to work out custody agreements with their exes and the pets. Custody for pets can look a lot like child custody, with time split between the couple, along with expenses split as well. Or, if one spouse feels they should keep the animal full time, they should be prepared to show that they were the pet’s main caregiver by bringing it to the veterinarian, feeding it, and walking the animal.

A legal professional who specializes in family law can help their client work through their divorce issues. They understand how a divorce is often one of the worst time’s in their client’s life and will help make the process easier to understand. When there are contentious issues in a divorce, such as pets, children, or assets, they can use mediation techniques to have the couple work through their disagreements. They can help work through custody arrangements, along with setting up child support and spousal support.

A divorce does not always involve the traditional child custody and spousal support but may also include other important items, such as the family pet. Every divorce is unique, and an attorney can help their client work through the divorce and protect their client’s interests.