Immigration issues can be complicated and intimidating for those in Ohio who are not familiar with the process. Those who are seeking a green card need to understand the mistakes that can happen and how to avoid them during the immigration application process.

One major mistake a person can make in the green card application process is not submitting all of the required forms or documents that are needed, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, bank accounts and more. If a person is not from an English-speaking country the documents need to be translated into English. Another application mistake is not signing all the required forms or submitting the correct fees. There are also important deadlines that need to be met including a visa expiration date, interview dates and other deadlines. If these dates are missed a person can have their application denied.

A legal professional who handles immigration cases understands how difficult the green card application can be. They understand the many ways mistakes can be made in the application process and can resolve immigration matters in a timely manner. An attorney will work hard on their client’s behalf. Sometimes this means helping people obtain visas and green cards, keeping families together and helping people obtain citizenship.

Many people in Ohio are in the U.S. as immigrants and are looking to become citizens. These immigrants should understand that they have legal rights and that there are many steps to becoming a U.S. citizen. Immigrants to the U.S. want to start a better life for themselves and their family, which is why it is so important that their immigration proceedings go well.