Unfortunately, many Dayton area residents have been involved in an impaired driving accident. Drivers who have been arrested for impaired driving know they have made a mistake. Those who have been arrested need to understand what legal ramifications they may be facing.

Many people in Ohio have been arrested for drunk driving. Nearly one million Ohio residents have had their license suspended because of drunk driving. In addition to a license suspension, those who are convicted of drunk driving can face thousands of dollars in fines along with the potential of jail time.

If a person has been arrested for drunk driving they can feel like the world is against them. They can feel confused and scared and not know what to do. Impaired driving is aggressively prosecuted in Ohio. Our law firm understands what our clients are going through when they are facing a drunk driving charge. Our attorneys understand the public scrutiny that can come with an impaired driving charge.

They understand their client’s personal and professional reputation can be ruined with a conviction and will actively pursue every avenue of defense for their client. Our attorneys will also make sure their client receives the best possible defense because of decades of experience aggressively defending good people.

A person who has been arrested for impaired driving is not a bad person. They have made a mistake and understand that there may be consequences for this mistake. Unfortunately, many of these impaired driving accidents result in a person’s death. In an impaired driving accident or arrest it is important for the defendant to have good legal representation.