Prom season is upon us in the Dayton area. Thousands of teenagers are getting ready for the big dance by making last minute adjustments to their dress, securing their flower order and getting the car washed. However, teens are notorious for making bad decisions, including the decision to drive after drinking alcohol. A teenager who is pulled over for an OVI may face serious penalties.

When teenagers get together with their friends, they often encounter peer pressure. Although most teens know that it is not a good idea to drive after they have been drinking, many don’t understand the consequences they could face. Prom and graduation season are celebratory times for many teens, and alcohol may be present at these gatherings. Teens often want to do what their friends are doing and drinking a few beers or wine coolers can seem harmless. But Ohio law enforcement will be out looking for drivers who are intoxicated, and teens can be easy targets.

A teen driver who is facing an OVI charge may feel scared and not sure what to do. A legal professional who practices OVI criminal defense understands the consequences teen drivers can face if they are convicted of an OVI. There can be lifetime consequences when a teen is convicted of an OVI. The conviction could affect college admissions, professional licenses and graduate programs. A legal professional can help their client tell their side of the story and aggressively defend them against the charges they are facing.

It is important for teen drivers to understand the consequences of an OVI conviction. During this season of fun get-togethers teens need to be careful. If they are facing an OVI, understanding one’s legal rights can be important.