When a Dayton area couple gets married, they expect their marriage will be happy and last forever. Many times, this is the case. No one can anticipate that their marriage will end in divorce and it is an emotionally traumatic time for a couple. There are many things that need to be figured out during a divorce settlement. One thing a person may wonder if they will be entitled to spousal support.

Spousal support is often something that is discussed in divorce proceedings. There are many circumstances in which spousal support will be awarded but it is not automatic. Usually spousal support is awarded when a spouse is not able to meet their own needs unless they receive financial help from their former spouse. Many times, spousal support is temporary. It can be awarded to a spouse so that he or she can go back to school, look for a new job or raise the children. Spousal support may also be permanent if a spouse is disabled or may be too old to support themselves. The court will consider how long a couple has been married and the employment status for each spouse along with health conditions and skill sets and whether one spouse put their career on hold to support their spouse and his career or raise the children.

A legal professional can help their client with their divorce questions. An attorney understands how emotional a divorce can be and can make sure their client is able to look past the present heartbreak and focus on what is important in the future. They can work through spousal support using Ohio laws and explain how it may apply to their client’s situation. They understand how important spousal support may be to their client and will work hard to make sure their client’s needs are met both now and into the future.

Although a divorce can be a traumatic event in a person’s life it can also be the beginning of something great. Having spousal support available to help during the transition time can be important.