Divorce is a difficult process at any level, but certain issues seem to appear more often with the involvement of significant assets.

With insight, determination and professional help, you can keep your divorce on track for a successful conclusion.

Avoid notoriety

You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may not be a celebrity couple, but you probably move in circles where you are well-known. Consider how your divorce will affect the future of your children, the regard of friends and the respect of business associates. Starting on the right foot is essential. Instead of airing your grievances, stand together and make a unified, dignified statement regarding your decision to end your marriage, but not your friendship, and certainly not your responsibilities as parents.

Assemble a team

There are many considerations ahead. You will have investments, retirement accounts and property holdings to sort out, spousal support and child support issues, child custody and visitation and perhaps the fate of a family business. As you approach the property distribution phase of your divorce, there is also the possibility that certain marital assets are not out on the table. Because of this, and because of the complexities surrounding your assets, your attorney may suggest assembling a team of outside experts, such as business valuation specialists and forensic accountants who can ensure your financial picture is complete. Ohio is an equitable distribution state, but you want to feel confident that you will receive a fair settlement in the divorce.

Look ahead

When wealthy people divorce, the level of stress is often elevated due to the size of the estate and the value of the assets involved. Think of your divorce as a business decision. Do not allow emotions to replace common sense because this could derail your hopes for a stable financial future. Rely on the guidance of a team of legal, accounting and business professionals to help you navigate the choppy waters of your divorce. You will emerge stronger, happier and more financially secure.