Many companies in the Dayton area employ people from outside the United States. Workers from other countries who are employed in the U.S. are usually highly trained and specialized in areas that companies have a need for. These employees usually receive an H-1B visa so that they can live and work in the U.S. for up to three years. However, there are some changes that are now being made to these visa applications that companies in Dayton may want to be aware of.

Dayton companies understand the importance of hiring foreign workers for various positions in their company. These workers provide a valuable resource for many technical positions and health care positions, among others where they offer special expertise. U.S. companies will now have a new hurdle when it comes to obtaining these workers with an H-1B visa. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is requiring companies to prove that workers who receive an H-1B visa will be employed for the entire three years of the visa. Companies will now be required to prove that there will be future work for the visa requests they are making. The USCIS is issuing requests for evidence to these companies to show work assignments.

Companies understand the value of hiring foreign workers to maintain and grow their business. Immigration issues remain at the forefront of American policies, and immigration matters are complex and constantly changing. Immigration attorneys how to navigate through the complex U.S. visa laws. An attorney can work with employers to make sure they have the proper documentation for their employees and can assist an employer in obtaining visas for employees that are needed.

Immigration matters in the U.S. are complex and are constantly changing. Rules regarding visas can change weekly, so companies or individuals may benefit from seeking professional guidance on their immigration issues.