In Dayton and across Ohio, law enforcement is vigilant in seeking and arresting drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol. While it is necessary for safety, that does not always mean those arrested on OVI charges are guilty. Regardless of the circumstances of the case, it is imperative that a person who is confronted with these charges understands their severity and takes the necessary steps to lodge a strong defense.

A 38-year-old man was arrested for OVI and fleeing the scene of an accident after a crash. After hitting railroad tracks, his vehicle went out of control and hit two parked cars and a light pole. The man and his passenger then fled the vehicle, however, they were caught after a brief pursuit. Law enforcement asserts that the driver was speeding and was under the influence.

Being arrested for OVI opens a whole host of potential problems that can negatively impact a person’s life. If there is a conviction, the defendant can face jail time, fines, a loss of driving privileges and more. Not only can it spark legal consequences, but it can also cause problems in a person’s personal and professional life. No matter the situation, there are myriad ways to lodge an aggressive defense against these allegations.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, it is important to mount a strong defense. A law firm experienced in OVI cases might be able to help and should be called for guidance and representation as soon as possible.