For many Ohio families, the season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is a time of happiness, giving and love. It is a time when people go out of their way to see their friends and loved ones, and for the giving of gifts in appreciation of those they depend on throughout the rest of the year. While positive sentiments guide many households in communities throughout the nation, not everyone celebrates the holiday season with the same festive feelings.

The month immediately following the holidays — January — is often known as Divorce Month because divorce lawyers across the nation often see a spike in new clients and new divorce filings during this time. It is often the case that individuals will wait until after Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Day to file for divorce so that they do not disrupt the lives and happiness of their kids and families.

Filing for divorce is a big step and a major legal undertaking. While it is understandable that couples may wish to hold off on pursuing their divorces until it is a less stressful time for their families, readers should know that it is possible to begin a divorce at any point throughout the year. Post-holiday divorces are common, but there is no right or wrong season to divorce.

A divorce severs the legal relationship between two married people. It requires individuals to work out the parenting, property, and financial aspects of their lives and to settle their differences so that they and their partners may go their separate ways. It is always smart for individuals considering legal actions like divorce to talk to attorneys who support clients with their needs. This post offers no advice and should only be read as information only.