I just closed out my most recent anonymous lottery winner case. This is what the check from the lottery commission looks like. It is very satisfying to receive checks like this. My client will be having a very Merry Christmas. Fortunately, my client has been in touch with financial counsellors, which I always recommend, instead of self-handling large sums of new found money.

By the way, banks are very suspicious of these lottery trusts. They do not see them very often and have no set procedure. There have been substantial delays when using the bank preferred by the client instead of using the banks I have dealt with before. In this case I pretty much had to beat the bank into submission to get them to open the account and deposit the $1,800,000. I was so frustrated I wanted my client to choose another bank but the client did not want to do so. It is not often banks refuse to open an account, it was a very strange experience. Once they did agree to open the account and take the deposit I did not even get a toaster oven! I miss the old days.

The bank’s reluctance to take type of trust account is one more reason to use an attorney who has done this many times. If you have won an Ohio Lottery and wish to remain anonymous, please contact me.

By: Peter R. Certo, Jr. Attorney at law