Every day there are people in the Dayton area who are charged with a wide variety of crimes, from DUI charges to robbery charges, and everything in between. There is no denying that many behaviors in society have been criminalized, and our readers could face criminal charges themselves for any number of reasons. However, criminal defendants need to know that they are entitled to the right to craft a criminal defense strategy. So, what are some of the potential basics of such a strategy?

Well, the fact is that every arrest and the attendant criminal case that ensues is different. The facts and circumstances of any given situation that leads to criminal charges can be vastly different. For instance, in some situations the charges against the defendant simply aren’t true. If that is the case, the defendant can move forward with a strategy of telling the truth, as a consistent story of “what really happened” may be enough to get the case dismissed or to get a not guilty verdict from a jury.

Another potential strategy is to admit the conduct charged, but with an explanation of why it had to occur. For example, perhaps a woman needed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated because she needed to escape imminent harm in a domestic violence situation, and she had no other choice but to drive to do so.

In short, criminal defendants must consider all of the available options for a potential criminal defense strategy, but the basic idea is that the right approach will be different for everyone. Getting the right information about the available options in your particular situation is crucial.