Traveling on roadways is dangerous, regardless if one is in a vehicle or on foot. This danger only increases when the sun goes down because visibility also goes down, regardless of road conditions. The dangers of nighttime driving for both drivers and pedestrians were on full display Sunday night.

According to the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch, a motor vehicle accident occurred in the early morning hours on Patterson Road in Dayton, Ohio. A man walking along that road was hit by a green SUV, which allegedly did not stop. Instead, they claim the SUV fled the scene of the pedestrian accident.

Luckily, the pedestrian did not sustain any major injuries, and was not immediately taken to a hospital or medical center. However, the police are still looking for the SUV and any witnesses to the accident.

The possible long-lasting consequences of a negligent driver

Although the pedestrian did not immediately seek medical help, soft-tissue injuries do not begin to hurt until days, maybe even weeks, after the accident. This is why it is so important for those that were involved in any type of accident to immediately seek medical advice. If injuries are apparent, then an ambulance and hospital visit may be warranted. If not, a meeting with one’s primary caregiver may be more appropriate.

Regardless, it may be important to seek legal help for any compensation due from a hit-and-run accident. For the motor vehicle accident victim, working with an attorney can be the first step in filing a personal injury lawsuit to hold the driver responsible. If negligence can be proven, the injured party can recoup their damages, including pain and suffering and long term medical expenses from long-lasting injuries.