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What income percentage is paid for support in military divorces?

Military life can be difficult for families, and it is not uncommon for Ohioans to decide to end a marriage and get a military divorce. It is important to understand how support is determined and how much can be deducted from a service member's pay in a divorce.

Protections for ex-spouses of service members

Divorce is never easy for anything, but there are some issues in divorce that are especially difficult for members of the military. Some of these issues are purely logistical. Service members who are on active duty can be sent to remote areas at a moment's notice, making it hard to take care of paperwork, communicate with lawyers or appear in court when needed. Some of these issues run a little deeper.

Military pensions in an Ohio divorce

When a Dayton couple is married, they expect they will live happily ever after. Many times, this is the case, but unfortunately some marriages do end in divorce. The divorce process can be complicated, especially for families with children, houses and other assets. When one of the spouses is a member of the military, the military pension can also be an issue in a military divorce.

Creating a parenting plan for divorced military members

There are many military members living in the Dayton area. With the proximity of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, many have connections to the military. As is the case with civilian marriages, not all military marriages last forever. When a military couple is going through the military divorce process, child custody, visitation and child support often come up.

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