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Protection From Serious Drug Charges

Defense attorneys practicing in this area:

Ohio has some of the most complex drug laws in the country. It also has some of the most serious penalties. Prison sentences can range from up to 180 days in jail for a misdemeanor to up to eleven years imprisonment for a felony offense, in addition to heavy fines.

A conviction can permanently impact an individual’s record, housing and employment opportunities. This may not only change your life, but negatively impact your loved ones.

However, it may be possible to have serious drug charges dismissed or potential penalties lessened with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Call our accomplished legal team at 937-608-9460 or toll free at 888-542-3148 to schedule a case consultation.

Our Firm Is Ready To Protect Your Rights

At Altick & Corwin, our lawyers have extensive experience defending clients against drug charges, particularly those involving prescription drugs like Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet. We also represent clients who have issues with street drugs like heroin and methamphetamine. Our goal is to secure the best possible case resolution given your situation.

Our extensive local history gives us an advantage that we are ready to use for you. We are extremely familiar with the local court system and may be able to help you in ways that less experienced lawyers cannot. We may be able to negotiate an alternative outcome to your case such as probation, a recovery program or even a dismissal of charges. We will carefully evaluate the details of your case to uncover all opportunities for a successful outcome.

Prepare For Success: Talk To A Lawyer Today

Our firm has been practicing law in Ohio for over 100 years. Choose experience when choosing your defense attorney. To schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, call our Dayton office at 937-608-9460 or toll free at 888-542-3148. You may also contact our firm online.

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