In the midst of the current concerns regarding the coronavirus, we want our clients to know that the Altick & Corwin Co., L.P.A. office is open for business, but we are restricting visitors from coming to our offices.
Appointments are being handled over the telephone or through facetime and other means of communications.
The attorneys and staff are taking all necessary precautions to keep our employees healthy and physically distanced from each other. As far as we know, none of our employees have tested positive for COVID-19.
We encourage clients to continue to call or email our attorneys. If a call goes to the attorney’s voice mail, the attorney will receive an email of that call. Thus, all calls will be able to be returned to you, but please be patient in waiting for the return call.
We will update you as things change, but in the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
Take care and be safe. Thank you.

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Our Lineage

Altick & Corwin can trace its roots back through an unbroken succession of partnerships to 1851 when Lewis B. Gunckel was admitted to the Ohio Bar.

Prior to recent times it was improper for a law firm name to contain the names of persons who were not active partners. Consequently, every time a partner died or retired or new partner was admitted, the firm’s name was changed. The modern growth of law firms and their multi-office locations have dictated a change in this rule. Therefore, it is anticipated that the name of Altick & Corwin will remain unchanged in the future.

Lewis B. Gunckel was joined in the practice in 1853 by Hiram Strong who remained his partner until Strong was killed in the Civil War nine years later. Edward L. Rowe joined Gunckel in 1869 and the firm became Gunckel & Rowe. Over the years the name has been: Gunckel & Rowe; Gunckel, Rowe & Gunckel; Gunckel, Rowe & Shuey; Rowe, Shuey & James; Rowe, Shuey, Matthews & James; Rowe, Matthews & James; Matthews, James & Matthews; Matthews & Matthews; Matthews, Matthews & Altick; Matthews & Altick; Altick & McDaniel; and, finally, in 1981, Altick & Corwin.

A progenitor of the “Corwin” segment of the firm name, Judge Oren B. Brown, began his legal career with Gunckel & Rowe in 1878 so it can be said that both the “Altick” and “Corwin” segments had a common beginning.

It is known that as early as 1915, Judge Brown was in partnership with Alfred Swift Frank, Sr. The firm was then known as Brown & Frank.

By at least 1941 Andrew U. Thomas had joined the partnership then known as Frank & Thomas and on January 1, 1949, Robert K. Corwin became a partner in the firm which became Frank, Thomas & Corwin.

On January 1, 1956 Alfred Swift Frank, Jr. joined the firm of Frank, Thomas & Corwin. He later left the firm and moved to Washington, D.C. to become the Administrative Assistant to Congressman Charles Whalen.

On January 1, 1959 Thomas B. Talbot and Jesse L. Jennings became partners and the firm name was changed to Frank, Thomas, Talbot & Corwin.

Alfred Swift Frank, Sr. died on September 14, 1962 and shortly thereafter Andrew U. Thomas and Robert K. Corwin formed a separate partnership as did Thomas B. Talbot and Jesse L. Jennings but both occupied the same offices and used the name Frank, Thomas, Talbot & Corwin.

The firm name changed again on April 1, 1963 to Frank, Thomas, Brumbaugh & Corwin when Robert B. Brumbaugh joined.

Ronald H. McDonnell joined Frank, Thomas, Brumbaugh & Corwin on January 15, 1965.

Alan J. Braun joined the firm on January 1, 1970 and the firm name was changed to Brumbaugh, Corwin & McDonnell to reflect the changes in partnership personnel and the death of Andrew U. Thomas. Alan Braun was later appointed to the Miami County Municipal Bench and left the firm.

On January 1, 1978 the firm name became Brumbaugh, Corwin & Gould to reflect the merger of the firms Brumbaugh, Corwin & McDonnell and Gould, Bailey. This meant the addition of James R. Gould. Kenneth L. Bailey elected to become a sole practitioner. In July, 1980 R. Paul Perkins, Jr. joined the firm.

Finally, on January 1, 1981 Brumbaugh, Corwin & Gould merged with Altick & McDaniel to form Altick & Corwin with Hugh H. Altick and Francis S. McDaniel becoming partners and David E. Beitzel as associate. Francis S. McDaniel and David E. Beitzel subsequently left the firm, as did James R. Gould who was appointed Law Director for the City of Kettering, a full time position.

Hugh H. Altick, Robert B. Brumbaugh and Ronald H. McDonnell retired from the practice of law while partners in the firm. Mr. Altick died in 1990, and Mr. Corwin died in 1998.

Altick & Corwin and its predecessor firms have contributed to the leadership of the Dayton Bar Association by the service of the following members as its president: Edwin P. Matthews (1905-1906), Oren B. Brown (1920-1921), William Mills Matthews (1940-1941), Hugh H. Altick (1949-1950), Robert K. Corwin (1959-1960).

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